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The National Organization of Counties Call for opening ANWR

National Association of CountiesThe National Organization of Counties (NACO) today submitted a letter to Congress urging members to vote against tomorrows Cantwell Amendment Motion to Strike ANWR from the Budget Reconciliation Bill. NACO supports the environmentally responsible development of the 10-02 Area of ANWR. NACO members believe opening the 10-02 Area will provide America with a safe and secure energy source that will last years into the future. A secure energy supply will provide security for county budgets nationwide as well as decrease the national debt we add to every time we import oil from abroad. Taking much from the support of rural Alaskan communities and their strong support for ANWR development, NACO state their confidence that development can take place with great care for the environment and has been proved so from current oil development practices.

The NACO letter is as follows in adobe acrobat format…

NACO letter supporting ANWR development.

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