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Oil money flows one way in Alaska Senate race

Here is an interesting article by the San Francisco Chronicle on oil money in the Alaska Senate campaign.

"In Alaska, the question isn't whether to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, but who can get it done.

Oil and gas issues such as ANWR don't present much controversy in this state, which owes its wealth to its oil resources. Alaska politicians, Republican and Democrat, are staunchly pro-development, reflecting the views of most of the population. "

In this year's Senate race, both Republican incumbent Lisa Murkowski and her Democratic challenger, former Gov. Tony Knowles, have pledged to try to open ANWR and move toward building a gas pipeline from the North Slope. Despite their agreement, the oil and gas industry is banking on Murkowski.

"It's fairly surprising in that both of them support the development of ANWR and have a lot of the same views on oil and gas. I would think that they would get the same amount of money, or nothing, but here we have a discrepancy," said Steve Cleary, executive director of the Alaska Public Interest Research Group.

According to a breakdown of campaign donations by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan campaign watchdog group, oil and gas interests have donated more than $139,000 to Murkowski's campaign, making them her No. 1 industrial supporter.

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