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Keeping the facts straight about ANWR

One of the difficulties in dealing with an issue such as opening a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to development is getting the facts straight.

Since ANWR sits on the northern coast of Alaska, few people have actually been there. Often, people hear facts that have been distorted by those with an agenda. The following article has a few facts wrong and a few facts right.

This article states, "One species of musk ox is endangered by using this vast, untapped resource." The author suggests this is the reason ANWR has remained untapped. Though wildlife is a concern for some, the past 30 years of oil drilling on the North Slope has shown that wildlife in the Arctic around oil drilling wells has suffered few ill-effects. The Porcupine Caribou herd, in fact, has flourished.

The article correctly points out that drilling can be done with little damage to the environment. This has been proven true ever since drilling began at Prudhoe Bay decades ago. The article also points out that we can lessen dependence on foreign oil. Again, that is true.

Read the article for yourself and and remember, let's try to keep the facts straight in this debate.

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