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Inflaming the oil crisis

A UK news website lays out a pretty solid case for why the world finds itself in "an oil crisis."

ANWR pops into view when the discussion turns to environmental regulations, and a lack of continued exploration and drilling

"The other side to low investment is environmental regulation. The refusal to allow drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) is a good example. Like most other oil fields, on its own ANWR would only provide a relatively small amount of oil. But the failure to open up the reserve to oil exploration is symbolic of environmentalism's influence. Bush's critics have lambasted him as a reckless oil man determined to push ahead with exploration at any cost. Yet with his first term coming to an end, he has failed to push through the oil policy he has been most publicly identified with since his election in 2000."

Read more - Inflaming the oil crisis [Spiked UK]

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