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Editor's Note: How to save money on gas

We get lots of e-mail about high oil prices and high gas prices. You're not alone if you've been in sticker shock at the gas pump for what seem like forever. In fact, the AAA says the current national average for regular gas is at a near-record $2.24 per gallon.

Here's the best idea most people don't think about when they're trying to save money at the pump.

Here's what to do.

Save 5% on every gallon.

1. Get a credit card that offers a 5% discount on gas purchases. The one I use is the Discover® Platinum Gas Card. It has no annual fee and you can extra cards free for the whole family so they can save on gas also.

2. Make sure to ask for a low credit limit so the card won't affect your credit score. $500 will do. (If you have bad credit, try They're great and they have a free debt calculator where they tell you options for lowering your bills or credit card balances.)

3. Use the credit card only for gas purchases and pay the balance off every month.

Saving 5% will save you over 11 cents a gallon! Whoa!

4. Now, check and see where you can find cheap gas in your town. If you can shave an additional nickel or a dime off, we're talking real money!

Here's some good links to use:

  • Apply for the Discover® Platinum Gas Card - Get 5% off gas purchases
  • - Find cheap gas stations in your town
  • - AAA site gives the national average gas price.
  • - Lower your debt payments.
  • Scroll down to the links at the bottom for more gas cards.

    Here's a AAA graph showing avg. gas prices.

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