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ANWR to be Included in Defense Appropriations Bill

ANWR could be decided in 48 HOURS.

Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska positioned to include a provision to open the 10-02 Area of ANWR for oil exploration in the national Defense Appropriations Bill which will be voted on in the next few days. The Defense Appropriations Bill went into a joint House/Senate Conference Committee last night and it was reported to be out by Saturday including possibly the ANWR provision. The bill provides for a budget for our defense forces in Iraq and around the world. The American military is responsible for nearly 80% of the American government’s energy consumption. Also included in the bill is a large provision for Katrina relief. The House and Senate are due to vote on the final version of the Defense Budget Bill in the next few day. If this goes through it will negate the need for ANWR to be included in the Budget Reconciliation Bill still in Conference Committee.

Senator Ted Stevens is the Chairman of the Defense Appropriations SubCommittee. The challenge will be for the Senate to overcome the possibility of a filibuster which will require 60 pro-ANWR votes. Both House and Senate members against opening the 10-02 Area of ANWR will need to weigh their opposition of opening ANWR against funding for equipment and salaries needed by our troops in Iraq. It should be an exciting and tension filled 48 hours culminating possibly on Monday.

More news will be posted on this historic vote as it happens.

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